How smart agents save HOURS of time during the purchase process

How smart agents save HOURS of time during the purchase process

We all know that feeling. You’ve just executed a real estate contract and you feel amazing. You’re on top of the world. And then the home inspection report comes back and your buyers start freaking out. Will they back out of the deal? Will the seller refuse to make repairs or concessions? Have you just lost your commission? It’s a nerve racking process.

What if you could wave a magic wand and make ANY property inspection report easy-to-understand and less scary to buyers, all while being an extremely powerful negotiation tool that is trusted by thousands of Realtors and home inspectors?

Enter RepairPricer.com – our simple one step process turns ANY home inspection report into an easy-to-read pricing report and estimate of repairs in a simple to read PDF format. We GUARANTEE to have your report back to you in 24 hours or less, and in real life tests our pricing data has been shown to be over 98% accurate in real life repair scenarios.


Gone are the days of buyers and agents pulling numbers out of the air for repair amendments and price reductions. We’re trusted every day as the industry standard, and we stand behind our work. PLUS our reports save agents HOURS of work – you no longer have to go and meet contractors at a home, wait for them when they’re late, wait days for estimates to come back and frustrate the seller with constant intrusions.

You just visit our website at repairpricer.com, upload your report and BOOM! It’s done. Sit back, relax and let us do all the work. Want to see a sample? Just fill out the simple form below.

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