The Elite Group partners with RepairPricer.com to add further value to their home inspections

Add additional value to the home inspections

RepairPricer.com is proud to announce our newest preferred partner, The Elite Group – one of the nation’s largest and most respected independently owned home inspection firms.

The Elite Group have been offering home inspection services in California since 1984, and over the years have recognized a need to answer one of the most commonly asked questions that home inspectors receive on a daily basis – “How much is that going to cost to fix?”

This question, while valid, is also difficult for home inspectors to answer, as their job is to know exactly what home inspectors should look for and alert homeowners of defects and potential issues discovered during the inspection, not to identify solutions or potential costs.

Commonly most home inspectors either have to politely refuse to answer this question, or refer it out to contractors or handymen, which in itself can cause further liability issues. And it leaves the home owner in a tricky situation.


Enter RepairPricer.com. We have been working diligently with The Elite Group for a number of months to make sure that our services carefully aligned with their needs, and those of their clients. They in turn approached their top referring Realtors and allowed them to beta test our services; and the feedback was fantastic.

Their agents agreed – this definitely was a tool that was needed in the marketplace that would have an immediate positive impact upon the entire home inspection and home purchase process. As an independent Third Party, RepairPricer.com remains unbiased and impartial, so both buyer and seller can trust that when they negotiate based on the information we provide, all parties are well informed and are making educated decisions.

The Elite Group has done a fantastic job of educating their clients and agents on the benefits of adding a RepairPricer.com price estimate to their home inspection reports, and I think I will just let their video below speak for itself. If you are interested in offering our products and sevices to your clients, please email sales@repairpricer.com or visit our preferred partner page HERE

We are ecstatic with the outstanding growth we have achieved to date since launching just a few years ago, and wish The Elite Group and ALL our preferred partners continued success in this exciting and challenging industry.

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