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Frequently Asked Questions:

If this is your first time using Repair Pricer, we strongly encourage you to visit our YouTube Channel to get a quick overview of report reading basics and other useful information. If you’ve already done that and still have questions, read on below!

Never seen a RepairPricer.com report before? No problem! Watch this quick video to learn how to read our reports, and how to use them as incredibly powerful negotiation tools.

All reports are completed within 24 hours – guaranteed. Premium and RUSH reports are normally completed in 4-6 business hours, and often (depending on the contents of the report and order time) the same day.
If you uploaded your report over 24 hours ago and have still not received it, please see the help article below.

Want to negotiate a reduction in price or credit using your Repair Pricer report? Great! Check out this video HERE for more info. 

Sometimes it can take the full 24 hours for our team to produce our reports, especially during peak season. If however you ordered your report MORE than 24 hours ago and have not received it yet, please take the following steps:
1) Did you receive the receipt from when you ordered your report? If not you may have made a typo in your email address or your transaction was not completed. Please submit a support ticket and reference the email address you believe you used and the address of the report property.
2) You received your receipt, it’s been more than 24 hours and you still don’t have your report? Please check your spam/junk folder. Some mail providers place PDFs from unknown senders into the spam folder.
3) Not in the spam folder? Please check your email and voicemail for messages from our staff. We may be waiting on more information from you to complete the report.
Still no report? Please email customer support right away!
We understand that inspectors occasionally have to revisit properties to complete their inspections and may find new issues. If that is the case and you need to update your report, please submit a support ticket and be sure to attach your NEW inspection report.
Please note: This service is only available free of charge 7 days or less from the time of the original report production.
Unfortunately we do not allow consumers to influence or change prices based on our findings from the report, and are unable to edit pricing once complete. In certain circumstances we will allow changes if new evidence is presented or the same property has been re-inspected with new findings within 7 days of the original report being produced.
If you believe you have factual evidence that a price presented may be incorrect or based off old information, please contact Customer Support.
This is a very common question we receive. Essentially, the line item price for every individual item will never match the column total or “Whole Home” total. Why? Because by using custom weighting ratios and calculations we work out not only the individual cost to fix each item, but also the projected cost if ONE contractor or professional were to visit the property and fix all items (or all items in one area eg: Plumbing) at one time.
For instance, a plumber would normally charge a call out fee just to show up, but if they were fixing multiple issues the cost of that fee would be spread across many items, and contribute to the “Whole Home” fee as a total.
We hope that helps! Don’t worry, your report is not incorrect and the prices are not meant to match the totals.
Pool reports are handled separately from our regular reports and as such are considered a separate service. If you have an inspection report with a pool inspection that needs pricing out also, please visit our Pool Report page and order your report. Our regular pricing experts are unable to comment on or assist with pool inspections. 

Or Contact our Support Team below!

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