RepairPricer.com grew organically out of a system that was already being used by an inspector, a Realtor and their contractor. To better assist his clients, the Realtor would take the inspection report that the inspector provided his clients after their home inspection and then give it to the contractor to price out. The Realtor could then use that home repair estimation as a negotiation tool for his clients during the option period to get necessary repairs performed by the seller, or even reduce the sales price. 

This became increasingly popular, and soon other agents all over the city were also having the contractor do the same thing. It became so popular in fact that the contractor no longer had time to do all the reports, so he hired a team to build him a pricing tool, using hundreds of past reports and thousands of home repair estimation until he had an extremely accurate database of every single home repair item and the average cost for each one. 

Since then, we have developed a proprietary system using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, and examined over 400,000 inspection reports to build an extremely accurate system that can be used to turn any inspection report into an incredibly accurate home repair estimation.

Home Repair estimation


Christian Adams

Seasoned real estate broker who successfully grew a company of 3 agents with minimal sales into a brokerage spanning the state of Texas with $150MIL+ in sales before the age of 30. Holds a degree in Advertising, and has a strong background in Internet marketing, SEO, PPC and innovative lead generation strategies.


Robert Tye

British Army veteran with special forces training, who brings battlefield logistics and planning to business operations. Certified master builder with extensive construction experience. Prior roles include supervising the construction of multi-million dollar residential development projects with up to 20 crews working under his control.

Home Repair estimation
Home Repair estimation


Paul Jackson

Talented software developer with over 30 years of experience and multiple business exits under his belt. Previously held positions in sales for residential roofing companies, and deftly combines an extensive knowledge of residential construction with programming expertise.

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