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Turn difficult questions into increased revenue and inspections with the preferred repair cost estimator for top inspectors.

The only lead generating tool that PAYS inspectors


It’s never easy telling a customer you can’t help them. RepairPricer lets you turn a “no” into a “yes”.


Grow your business organically by providing the tool that top agents need to streamline the negotiation process.


Steep discounts for inspectors let you grow your revenues & your business at the same time.


Your clients are yours for life, which is why we never share client data with anyone.

Awesome service! Wow! Any home buyer would be foolish to not use Repair Pricer. Always send your inspection report to Repair Pricer. You will then have solid negotiating evidence that could save you thousands.

Repair Pricer is a bargain. No need to swag costs again. The RepairPricer report breaks it down clearly, providing a documented third-party estimate for all repairs you wish to address; evidence you can use! We will never again buy a property without a RepairPricer report.”
- Max K. Goff

How it works

We make it easy to improve customer satisfaction and grow your revenues and business with one simple integration of repair cost estimator.

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Reach out to a member of our team and find out how you can best use our service in your market.

Free trial

Set up your FREE 30 day trial so you can try us out with no risk.


Work with our marketing team to create your custom materials to help you succeed with your new offering.


Setup your report writing software integration to automate the entire process and put your growth on auto-pilot.

Access to our Pro platform is free for the first 30 days, and then costs just $19.99 per month after that. This immediately gives you up to 70% off reports, and access to our free marketing collateral for preferred partners. 

Yes – the free 30 day trial starts as soon as you sign up, and you can cancel at any time.

Login to your account at repairpricerpro.com and click “billing’ and then “cancel account”. There is never a fee to cancel and we don’t require contracts.

Yes! All repairpricerpro.com accounts get you an instant 30% discount, but pre-purchasing reports in bulk is the cheapest way for regular users to get a BIG discount on reports.

Essentially you pre-purchase blocks of credits that can be used to order reports at any time. The credits never expire as long as your account is active and 1 credit is equal to 1 basic report. (Premium reports cost 2 credits). Pricing breakdowns are below:

10 reports – $400 ($40 each)
20 reports – $600 ($30 each)
250 reports – $6250 ($25 each)

Our retail pricing varies between $70-$100, so we recommend you upsell reports at slightly less than our own pricing. Although we have plenty of resellers charging $80-$100 per report.

However, this really comes back to WHY you are offering the service. Are you trying to generate more referrals and inspections? Then offer it at a lower price so agents are more likely to refer business your way. If you haven’t discussed your model and pricing approach we strongly recommend you talk to a member of our team.

Absolutely!  Simply adding our service as an option and letting people know about it can be enough to dramatically increase referrals from top producing agents. Repair Pricer become increasingly popular as a marketing tool for inspectors because it simply works – which is why we don’t make you sign a contract.

To learn more about how we help you drive referrals, we recommend you read  our How to get Agent Referrals article. 

No. we would not recommend our service for new builds, tear down properties or those with such extensive defects that an engineer or other specialized contractor is needed. Typically we are appropriate for around 70-80% of US home sale scenarios. 

No. By using our service you are actually REMOVING liability as you are now able to refer any awkward questions from clients or agents to us – an independent third party. We make it very clear that Repair Pricer provides the service, not the home inspector, and we also carry a $1 million liability policy for every report we produce.

It’s pretty darn close

We did a little study, and the results were exciting.

We ran reports with our inspection partners in Dallas, Miami and Denver on 100 reports in each city. Then we provided our reports to 20 contractors in each market, and asked them one simple question.


in 98% of cases their answer was “YES”.

This is a common misconception in the home inspection community, but no, in no US state is it illegal for us to provide our service. Where people get confused is that in a lot of areas the home inspector is prohibited from providing bids for work or offering repair services. However, we are an independent third party, we are not home inspectors, we are not offering repair services and are therefore exempt from any licensing requirements.

Again, this depends on the model you are using. If you are generating most of your report sales because you’re focusing on using our product to create agent referrals, we recommend that you send the report to just the buyer’s agent and let them present it to the client. Get all of your business from your own marketing and let the client decide? Great!

A basic report is a full estimate of repairs based on any home inspection report and is delivered within 24 hours of upload. 

A Premium report adds more information about the home such as permit, lien, foreclosure and health risk information. It also includes a RUSH upgrade that puts the report to the front of the line for processing, often delivering the report back the same day.

Most inspectors order basic reports as standard.

No. Although we do have an integration for Spectora users, it simply doesn’t matter what software you use. Our system can seamlessly translate any report into an accurate repair estimate as long as you can output a digital PDF!

Absolutely not – we pull in data sources from multiple points such as MLS photos, satellite images, Google Streetview and more to compare your findings and improve our accuracy. Rest assured we can work with your report writing style!

We run support channels 24/7/365 using live chat on all websites, and also via email at support@repairpricer.com – we’re working when you are!

We offer a fully customizable suite of marketing materials designed to get you and your new service promoted as fast and as effectively as possible. Just start your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL at repairpricerpro.com to get started or schedule a demo by clicking HERE

"This is an impressive marketing tool as well as so helpful for getting an idea of repairs for negotiating.” - Katherine

"Repair Pricer guarantees from the time that they receive the inspection report to the time that it's back in the client’s hands, is 24 hours.A lot of times it's even sooner than that!"
Scott Anding
Owner, Stately Property Inspections, LLC
"Repair Pricer provides 100% unbiased estimates based on home inspection reports!

Each report is prepared by a highly experienced pricing expert."
Josh Niehaus
Business Development, EliteGroup Inspection Professionals

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