Use our handy home inspection checklist to make sure that you (or your home inspector) are carefully examining ALL the important parts of a home before you purchase it. Check off those items that are in good or working condition and make notes and take pictures of any that are not. The major issues that we recommend homeowners look for at the ones that could cause the most potential damage if not remedied now.

Think about major systems like an HVAC system that might go out, a roof that is near the end of its useful life and pay attention to ANY indications of water penetration. If left unaddressed these 3 items, while not the ten most common inspection repairs that are needed, have the potential to result in the biggest expense for a new homeowner. (Please note, this home inspection checklist describes a house in perfect condition, but in our experience no house is perfect. Not even one that was built yesterday!

This home inspection checklist should never be used as a home inspection report, nor should it be considered a replacement for an actual home inspection by a qualified home inspector. This list is thorough, but NOT complete. If you require a home inspection rather than just a home inspection checklist, please contact a qualified and experienced ASHI or InterNACHI licensed home inspector in your area.

Want to see how your inspection report stacks up against the average home? We recommend you read our article on the most common repairs needed after a home inspection – we did a deep dive on over 15,000 reports to highlight the most important repair items you should be looking out for!

Below you will find a summary of items that are generally included on a home inspection – this is not the full home inspection checklist however. To get the full list, please enter your email address above and we will send you a fully printable and easy-to-use checklist that you can use on any home.