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Are you thinking of selling your home? Get the most out of selling your property by making these repairs before you put it up on the market. It’s the first step if you have this question on your mind, “how to sell your home by yourself”.

1.    Repair/Replace Worn Out Flooring

Flooring sets the tone for home interiors. Having an old, stained, discolored, worn out carpet isn’t going to do you any favors.

Buyers value a property that requires minimal repairs, and flooring is just one of those crucial components that should be taken care of before it’s listed.

2.    Water Stains on Walls and Ceilings

Water stains on walls and ceilings are red flags for homebuyers; these stains indicate that the property may have leaking pipes.

No homebuyer wants to deal with damaged plumbing after they move in. If a homebuyer notices water stains around the house, they’ll likely ask for a home inspection that will reveal underlying issues and drag the property price down.

It’s best you take care of any plumbing issues yourself. If the water stains are old, then paint over them.

3.    Repair Damaged Window Screens

Damaged window screens aren’t functional, and they don’t look great either. Replacing damaged window screens is one of the cheapest repairs you could make to your property.

Remember, the more aesthetic issues a buyer points out, the less they’ll be willing to pay. Repairing damaged window screens will prevent the property price from coming down unnecessarily.

4.    Upgrade the grout

There’s a striking difference between a brand-new bathroom and an old one. Although there wouldn’t be much difference in the tiles, the grout won’t look like it did back in the day.

Luckily, you can upgrade the grout in your bathroom to instantly brighten it up and make it cleaner.

5.    Beautify the Exterior

Beautiful wooden house with no landscaping

A house that looks good on the outside is more welcoming than one with washed out exterior paint and a lawn with overgrown grass and weeds.

A landscaping contractor will mow your lawn, build flowerbeds, plant bushes, add a pavement, etc. to enhance your curb appeal.

If you want more insight on what repairs you should make to your property before listing it, use Repair Pricer’s tool to help you out.

Send us a home inspection report, and our pricing experts will highlight issues that you should address before you start inviting potential buyers.

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We can also help with post-inspection negotiations and property inspection repair services.

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