Meet Christian Adams, the CEO of Repair Pricer

Christian Adams is the CEO and Co founder of Repair Pricer. He first started working as a Realtor in Dallas in 2004, and helped grow a small 5-person real estate brokerage into a a team of over 60 agents that spanned the state of Texas. He worked primarily as a buyers agent and investor representative, negotiating and executing contracts on over 1200 homes. 

Since 2016 he has been focused on solving one of the biggest roadblocks facing home buyers and their agents in today’s market – the negotiation phase that normally follows a home inspection. With a deep understanding of the obstacles and challenges that faces all members of this process, and a background in innovative marketing and growth strategies, he has helped the Repair Pricer team build a scalable, smart solution that delivers rapid and accurate home inspection repair estimates nationwide across the US.

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