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Turn difficult questions into increased revenue and jobs with the preferred inspection repair cost estimator for top contractors.
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How does Repair Pricer help contractors?

We turn home inspection reports into highly-accurate repair estimates so you can create extra revenue streams and increase referrals from Top Producing Realtors.  


It’s never easy telling a customer you can’t help them. RepairPricer lets you turn a “no” into a “yes”.

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Generate consistent leads and business to help you grow.

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Steep discounts for contractors let you grow your revenues & your business at the same time.

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Save countless hours of time quoting out inspection repairs.

Discover why top agents love Repair Pricer

And how you can use that to grow your business!

Awesome service! Wow! Any home buyer would be foolish to not use Repair Pricer. Always send your inspection report to Repair Pricer. You will then have solid negotiating evidence that could save you thousands.

Repair Pricer is a bargain. No need to swag costs again. The RepairPricer report breaks it down clearly, providing a documented third-party estimate for all repairs you wish to address; evidence you can use! We will never again buy a property without a RepairPricer report.”
- Max K. Goff

How it works

We make it easy to improve customer satisfaction and boost your revenues and business with one simple integration.

Discover how Repair Pricer helps top contractors grow.

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Reach out to a member of our team and find out how you can best use our service in your market.

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Set up your UNLIMITED 30 day trial so you can try us out with no risk.


Work with our marketing team to create your custom materials to help you succeed with your new offering.


Setup your report writing software integration to automate the entire process and put your growth on auto-pilot.

"This is an impressive marketing tool as well as so helpful for getting an idea of repairs for negotiating.” - Katherine

"Repair Pricer guarantees from the time that they receive the inspection report to the time that it's back in the client’s hands, is 24 hours. A lot of times it's even sooner than that!"
Scott Anding
Owner, Stately Property Inspections, LLC
"Repair Pricer provides 100% unbiased estimates based on home inspection reports!

Each report is prepared by a highly experienced pricing expert."
Josh Niehaus
Business Development, EliteGroup Inspection Professionals

Reasons To Use Repair Pricer

Reasons to use repair pricer

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