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Easy and Fast Home Repair Estimates

If you’re currently negotiating repairs after a home inspection, then you need Repair Pricer – the simple home repair estimator. We make it incredibly easy to get fast, accurate estimates for ANY home repair with just a few clicks. Simply upload your inspection report to our system and let our team do the rest. We carefully analyze your entire report and build out a detailed list of estimated home repair costs in 24 hours or less.


Tight deadlines can cause contracts to fall apart, but our guaranteed 24-HR turnaround thanks to our inspection repair experts reduces stress and gives you more time to negotiate.


Knowledge is power, and our zip code-specific pricing gives you a rock-solid tool to use during a negotiation. We offer practical inspection repair solutions used by top agents across the US.


We use more than just intelligent software. Every online property inspection report goes through a thorough 3-stage human review process to make sure we’re right on the money.

Automated Home Repair Estimator

How much does it cost to fix a leaky faucet? How about replacing a whole roof, or repairing damaged trim to windows and doors? There are some common home repairs, but each home is entirely different. Researching these kinds of issues and getting an accurate home repair estimate is almost impossible just by using a simple Google search. There are so many variables that go into every home, and every single component inside that home, that without a detailed database of hundreds of thousands of home repair costs you’re never going to be able to create an accurate cost estimate. 

That’s where we come in. Designed to be used by agents, investors, and home buyers who are negotiating after a home inspection, our automated home repair estimator lets you upload any home inspection report and get detailed, accurate, and reliable home repair estimates for any defect found in any home in the US. And not only is pricing zip code specific but it is based entirely on the specific home in question. With our repair estimator, it’s not a range or an average – it’s the exact cost our expert reviewers believe it will cost to repair that item. 

So if you’re struggling to know what to do after your inspection, let us do the work for you. All reports are returned in 24 hours or less and turn that complicated 40-80 page report into an easy-to-read home repair estimator tool.

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