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How do I renew my credits automatically?

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You are able to set your bulk credits to automatically renew when you run out. This is especially convenient for users utilizing an integration.

This is done at the moment you purchase credits; first login to your REsolv account and click the bulk orders tab.


Next, choose one of the three credit packages available, and click proceed to payment.


You should see the “auto renew when I run out of credits” box below the saved card drop down selector. Check this box.


Click complete payment, and that’s it! You’ll never run out of credits so long as you need them, assuming your billing information doesn’t change.

If you want to disable your automatic credit renewal, this can be done by clicking the “Billing Details” tab.


In the billing details page, there is a toggle called “Auto Renew.” By switching the toggle off, you can discontinue your automatic credit renewal.


This toggle can also be used after purchasing a credit pack to enable the auto renewal if you chose not to set it up at the time of purchase. If no credit packs have been purchased, enabling auto renew will have no affect until you purchase a bulk credit package.

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