How do I edit a Repair Pricer report in REsolv?

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To edit a report in REsolv, log in to http://resolv.repairpricer.com, or click the log in button at the top right corner of this screen. Once you’ve logged to your dashboard, find the address associated with the report you’d like to edit and follow these instructions:

  1. Click the “Actions” button to the right of report address.


  2. From the drop down menu, select “View and Edit Report.”


  3. After the “View & Edit Report” menu opens, you can expand row cells to reveal repair items by clicking the arrows on the right hand side of each row.


  4. Once a row has been expanded, you are able to make changes to individual line items in the report, or changes to entire groups of items. See screenshot below for options.


  5. Now that you have finished editing, you can share the document with someone else, or publish the PDF to preview the changes you’ve made to the report.


We hope this helps!

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