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How to order a report on REsolv

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Ordering your first report on REsolv is fast and easy. In fact the first time you sign up for REsolv it will take you directly to the ordering page. If you’ve already logged in however, please navigate to your DASHBOARD.

Then click the PLACE ORDER button.

Enter the address of the property that has been inspected then click “Save & Continue”.

You will then be asked to enter any special instructions for your pricing expert. For instance, if you have more information about a specific repair or want them to focus on a replacement vs repair, enter the pertinent information here. (Please reference page number and repair description if possible.)

Then select if you would like a Full or Summary report.

A Full report will quote out all items noted on your report.
A Summary report will only quote out items specifically called out by your inspector on the Summary page (if there is one).

Click “Save & Continue”

Need to add additional recipients? Enter them here. There is no limit to how many extra recipients/emails you can add.

But don’t worry – if you do forget to add someone, you can always share your report with them later AFTER you have viewed it and made any edits.

And don’t forget – if you want the end user to be able to edit their report themselves, leave the “editable” button toggled on. If not, turn it off and they will receive a simple PDF report instead of an interactive report.

Click “Save & Continue”

Next, upload your inspection report and any related files (limit 3). For instance you may have separate reports for mechanical or structural items, or you may have a separate pest report.

If you forget to upload any reports, don’t worry you can always add them by emailing, but please be aware this may delay your report processing time.

Then select your report type and any add ons.

Basic reports include a full breakdown of repair costs and are returned within 24 hours or less.
Premium reports include the basic report, plus additional information about your home including Fire / Insurance claim history, Active/Outstanding permit information, Flood Zone determination and Sales History including lien information where available and include a RUSH upgrade.

RUSH upgrades put your report to the front of the line for processing, and are generally returned within 8 hours of less (depending on time of ordering.)

PLEASE NOTE: Pool reports are treated as an additional report and will be delivered separately to your main report. 


Next you will be presented with your payment options and the amount due. You can either pay with credits (click here for more info) a saved card, or a new credit card. Once you have entered your payment method, please click Complete Order.

If you do not receive a “Thank You” screen then your payment has been unsuccessful and your order was not submitted correctly.


You will now see your order under the pending section in your dashboard.

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