Repair Pricer Pro was shut down on 10/31/2021.
Our new REsolv platform is now live with more features and lower costs.
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Why the move to REsolv?

Why the move?

REsolv is a massive upgrade to our old Pro system, with better, faster architecture, more features, less bugs and best of all – ZERO MONTHLY FEES. We’ve added new integrations with companies like Spectora, HIP and ISN, and all our reports are now fully interactive so users can pick and choose what exactly they want priced. 

What happened to my old account?

Don’t worry – if you had an old Pro account and have not had time to talk to our team about moving yet, we’ve already moved any existing credits and have all prior reports stored securely in our servers. Simply click HERE to complete your move to the new system. 

We hope you LOVE the new system. And if you have any ideas or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out.
Christian Adams - Co Founder

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