Exclusively for our preferred inspection partners

How does it work?

Over the years we’ve had 4 main requests from our users:

  • Make report production faster
  • Reduce per-report pricing
  • Let agents and clients add Repair Pricer whenever they want
  • Let people pick and choose what items they want estimated

So we listened, and designed a new offering that gives you all this, and more. 

Introducing RP MAX, the invitation only solution from Repair Pricer. 

We us AI to create an instant repair estimate that you can send to your client or agent.

The end-user decides if they then have specific repair items they need to get human-reviewed.

This request then goes to our team, providing fast, human reviewed estimates if needed.

No more waiting

Instant repair estimates - available 24/7/365.

Dramatically lower pricing

Stop paying for Repair Pricer! Discover how RP MAX can put more money in your pocket with every inspection.

PLUS get HomeBinder at no additional cost!

Co-brand binders with real estate agents to consistently drive referrals.

Integrates seamlessly with Spectora, Home Inspector Pro, Repair Pricer, ISN, Horizon, and many more.

Just upload your inspection reports docs and your HomeBinder is safely sent to homeowners.


How do I get access?

Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to schedule a demo!

Unfortunately RP MAX is only available on residential real estate inspections at this time. To sign up as a commercial inspector reseller, please setup your free account on our REsolv platform. 

RP MAX is unfortunately only available through our preferred inspection partners. Please reach out to your preferred inspector for more information!


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