The 6 Most Common Home Repairs You Might Need To Make When You Buy A House (Part 1)

6 Common Home repairs everyone needed while buying a House

According to a State of Home Spending Report by HomeAdvisor, Americans spend as much as $9,081 each year on home repairs and home improvements on average. This includes the year-round maintenance costs as well as extensive or minor repairs new homeowners have to make after buying a house.

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Here’s a look at a few common repairs you’re likely to face when you’re hunting for a house. 

Roofing Repairs

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Not only does it protect it from environmental conditions and adds a layer of security, but it’s also an integral part of your home’s aesthetics. However, all too often, new homeowners are left to deal with extensive roofing repairs because the roof is also one of the most vulnerable parts of the house’s structure that’s prone to damage.

Roofing damage can range from rotting and leaks to tears and missing shingles. In some cases where the damage is quite severe, the roofing may also need to be replaced entirely. These home improvements typically need to be fixed at the earliest to prevent further damage, especially during rainy season or winter as the house may become uninhabitable otherwise.

Before you sign the papers, inspect the roofing for any existing or potential damage. Pay special attention to the flashing near the vents and the chimney, and account for missing or damaged sections during the inspection.

Foundation Repairs

Next up, we have the foundation. In areas where the soil swells during monsoon and contracts during dry weather, foundation damages are quite common. Water tends to seep through the concrete in these areas, causing mold and emptying wallets. It may also settle in the house’s basement, resulting in cracked foundations in the walls, which then affects the whole house.

During your home inspection, be on the lookout for sloping floors, cracks on the walls, and water pools in the basement. Another sign of a damaged foundation is difficulties in opening or closing doors and windows. If these issues are there at the site, you’re in for some foundation repair work.

Siding Repairs

Don’t forget about the siding! This is like a protective layer surrounding your home, keeping external threats at bay. It also adds to your home’s aesthetic appeal and enhances its market value.

Siding repairs are common at places where wood, vinyl, or aluminum siding is used as water can sneak past the damaged bots and rot the interior structure. Luckily, siding repairs don’t cost too much, but it’s still best to keep an eye out for siding issues during a home inspection. For example, damaged caulking near the windows and cracks in the siding are indications of future repair work.

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