Apartment Inspections Necessary Here’s What You Need to Check Before You Lease

Apartment inspections have two main uses. Firstly, they can help point out potential issues with an apartment that can be an inconvenience for you later on. Secondly, when you have a detailed inspection of the apartment, property managers can’t make incorrect claims and usurp your security deposit.

Here’s what you need to check before you lease an apartment:

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1. Condition of the Flooring

A house’s flooring is always going to experience wear and tear. Whether you’re constantly moving your furniture around on your hardwood floors or dropping drinks on the carpet, the flooring is the first thing your property manager will inspect when you’re planning to move out.

A home inspection involves evaluating the condition of the floor; this way, you know what problems were there before you move in, and your landlord can’t hold you liable.

2. Faulty Plumbing

Dealing with water damage in an apartment can be very frustrating. Because there is a small amount of space in an apartment, any flooding in the bathroom or the kitchen can flow into other rooms, damaging the furniture and personal belongings.

A home inspection will highlight major problems with the plumbing that the landlord should fix before moving in.

3. Condition of the Appliances

Kitchen appliance in apartment.

A home inspector assesses the condition of the appliances in the apartment to ensure they function correctly. If the dishwasher is on its last leg or the dryer takes longer than it should, you can ask the landlord to replace it before signing the apartment lease.

4. The HVAC Unit

You don’t want to come back home on a hot summer day only to find out your HVAC unit isn’t working. HVAC repairs are time-consuming and can be quite an inconvenience.

A home inspector will investigate the functionality of the HVAC system. If it hasn’t been maintained regularly, it can cause problems later on.

A detailed inspection report will list structural issues, problems with plumbing, HVAC units, and appliances that can impact a renter’s experience in the apartment.

They protect renters from liability and unfair claims that property managers and landlords can make when they decide to leave the apartment.

Think of home inspection reports as insurance. They’ll give you a clearer picture of the apartment before you move in, so there will be fewer chances of underlying issues from surfacing when you’ve already asked the landlord to repair them.

If you’re a landlord who has been given a home inspection report by a potential tenant, send it to Repair Pricer to get an accurate estimate of how much each repair will cost. The repairs you make can help you ask for a higher price.

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