Inspecting the Bathroom of a House You’re Interested in Buying

What do you inspect first when you visit a house that you’re interested in buying? Your children might be interested in picking out their rooms, your partner in checking out the kitchen, and maybe you want to see if the basement can be made into a study.

But who will look at the bathrooms? Not the dog, for sure.

Bathrooms are the easiest place to miss repairs in—because most people usually take just a little peek inside and leave. Nobody wants to linger inside a bathroom—somebody else’s bathroom, no less.

But you’ll have to.

Damp Smells and Leaks

One of the most common issues with bathrooms is leaks. And they aren’t easy to identify, especially when they’re deep in a pipe.

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What you can do is check for a damp smell, since it’s a good indicator of a leak. You can also try turning on the taps and showers. Poor water pressure also indicates an underlying plumbing issue.

The Finer Details

a chic bathroom in a house for sale that might need repairs

Sometimes, it’s the finer details can make all the difference. When you’re buying a house, you’re investing thousands of well-earned dollars into the project. A cursory look won’t do. Take your time with the inspection: look for fine hairline cracks in the internal wall plastering, especially around the bathroom area. These are an indicator of a plaster application disaster.


Never underestimate the deadliness of a mold outbreak. Bathrooms are naturally humid and have a steady water flow, which makes them ideal for mold growth. The tiles may be shiny, but do you know what’s growing underneath—or on the sides?

This is, again, one of the reasons you need a professional inspection carried out. Mold is a serious health hazard and can also damage the house’s structure and foundation. This would mean losing money down the line or at least wasting more money on repairs some years later. Not a good investment, if you ask us.

Use a Repair Estimate to Ease Your Negotiations

A house inspection report tells you about the extent of the damage inside the house and gives you a basic idea of how many things you’d have to get changed. However, the one thing that house inspection reports do not do is tell you how much extra money all that will cost.

Yes, you have a foundation repair problem, but how much will it cost you? And how much will the plumbing repair for the bathroom cost you? How much will it all cost in total?

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By sending your house reports to us, you can get a near-accurate estimate of the money you’ll have to put into repairs. Based on this report, you can either ask seller to get the repairs done or negotiate house price after inspection with him. Knowing how much all of it will cost you gives you considerable leverage over the whole situation.

Repair Pricer has 84,020 satisfied customers so far, and you, too, can be one of them. All you have to do is reach out to us and send us your inspection reports. A basic report costs only $69.

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